Business Development

A Rapidly Growing Pharmaceutical Company

Why We Manufacture

Research & Manufacturing

SaliusPharma is one of the rapidly growing pharmaceutical companies as a result of its combine strength in research and manufacturing. In short span of time, SaliusPharma has already started catering to some of the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industry. With the sole aim of producing high quality products through deep research and understanding, the company aims to become one of the largest manufacturers in its sector. The research team at SaliusPharma is constantly involved in improving quality and reducing cost of its product to meet the market competition.

Contract Manufacturing

We Salius Pharma specializing in the development and manufacture of Pharmaceutical Formulations and Nutraceutiacls to seek out an outsourcing relationship worldwide based entirely on the needs of the organization. As there have seen a shift in the healthcare industry around the world in view of more leading pharmaceutical companies are focusing on the drug discovery and research and are looking to outsource there products from a reputed pharmaceutical company in a cost effective manner.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs department is key link between company, products and regulatory authorities of different countries.

We Salius Pharma have a well experienced, young and dynamic team of Regulatory Affairs consists of elite, highly qualified professionals engaged in providing data required to assure the high Quality, efficacy and safety of our Products.

We can provide clinical Trials, Impurity Profiles, DMF, BE/BA Studies for registration of our products as per guidelines of health authorities both Regulated and Non-Regulates markets. We have tie ups with well-established study centers which are approved from local DCGI and other international regulatory authorities, to carry out Clinical / Pre-clinical studies for various dosage forms.

We work closely to develop and implement viable strategies to move projects from conception to approval.

  • We have requisite infrastructure & expertise to support our associates with excellent technical and Regulatory submission (ACTD,IND, CTA, NDA, CTD, DMF, ANDA)
  • Salius Pharma has Regulatory experts for each country and region which ensures that we have up-to-date local knowledge of the submission process, specific to the country.
  • Salius Pharma understands the significance of high quality documents to the relevant Regulatory Authorities to ensure that approvals are made in a timely fashion.
  • The Regulatory Affairs staff assigned to your dedicated Project Team work to ensure the successful and timely submission of your product application.


Building partnerships is vital to the on-going development of Salius Pharma and we are seeking commercial partnership to sell our pharmaceutical Formulations, APIs and Nutraceuticals in various countries across the globe. We promise the utmost professionalism to ensure the ongoing success and viability of the partnership. In providing a wide range product portfolio need partnerships in across all domains of healthcare, we seek to leverage the power of collaboration in the service of healthcare sector.

Our expertise gained in this area will assist in all the important areas including distribution, sales and development. We also have a proven record in forging successful relationships with regularity authorities of various countries, which is a key to gaining a foothold in any market. Our vision encompasses a global network of partners working together to cover all aspects of the healthcare sector in India and worldwide.