Becoming one of the largest manufacturers in its sector

Salius Pharma is one of the rapidly growing healthcare companies as a result of its combine strength in research and manufacturing.

Our associate manufacturing facilities follow strict GMP regulations as we have integrated all GMP guidelines into internal procedures improving the degree to which results are consistently exceeding expectations.

In short span of time, Salius Pharma has already started catering to some of the biggest players in the healthcare industry.

With the sole aim of producing high quality products through deep research and understanding, the company aims to become one of the largest manufacturers in its sector.

Salius Pharma is committed to provide quality Generic formulations and Nutraceuticals in highly regulated markets. For maintaining quality of our products, our manufacturing partners have been rewarded with WHO GMP, Health Canada and USFDA accreditations.

For maintaining quality of our products, our manufacturing partners have been rewarded with WHO GMP, Health Canada and USFDA accreditations.

We ensure that all our facilities follow the highest international standards from raw material to finished products and we make sure quality is maintained throughout the process.

Before leaving the factory premises every product undergoes test with all quality parameters as specified in Pharmacopeia and In-House specifications in the technologically advanced laboratories:

  • We manufacture in accordance with stringent international quality standards.
  • Our standards are regularly verified through audits conducted by clients and international authorities.
  • Our combination of service options, capabilities, expertise and facilities provides clients a distinct advantage.
  • Our operational staffs are highly educated and heavily trained in GMP and the most current trends.

Quality Control

Product manufacturing is coupled with quality control by expert ensures that our products meet the stringent quality tests possible as we operate in the life-saving drugs space. Our stringent quality systems ensure the large team of quality control chemists to strict supervision and control at every step of the manufacturing process.

Our entire Laboratories well equipped with the latest technology equipment’s. We are meeting the GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) standards with the stringent/strict quality control systems as per industry standards. The quality of the Products as raw material, semi-finished products, and finished products are checked at every step.

The Quality Assurance Department has technically qualified analytical professionals, who take utmost care to ensure the quality of products as per GLP/GMP specifications during the process of manufacturing as well as during shelf life. All the facilities for quality control are available in-house, so checking of quality is ensured at each step.

Generic Development

Salius Pharma is committed to remaining at the forefront of generic pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products. We have a dedicated team working tirelessly to develop the newest and most exciting generic pharmaceutical products. Our innovative approach ensures we are regularly launching new generic products in Indian market.

To learn more about our manufacturing process, feel free to contact us.